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Finding the secrets of these large species - trees

We never say anything unless it is worth taking a long time to say - Treebeard

Life is digital. Everything is encoded in the DNA just like destiny. Unlike animals, trees do not move to adjust to the environment. It’s amazing that they can stay a long life and being huge in the nature. Different species of trees might have their own way to deal with the surrounding. We are super interested in the molecular basis behind that. With comparative genomics and network analysis, we hope to reveal and decrypt their shenanigans. As a first year PhD student, I am still developing research directions in Dr. CJ Tsai’s lab. I will tell you more in the future. Stay tuned by connecting with me on social media!

kinda random but here is the google slides of my presentation for the IOB seminar.

Sex determination of bitter gourd

During my master’s study, I learned bioinformatics in Dr. Yi-Yin Do’s lab at National Taiwan University. I worked on comprehensive seedling-stage hormone-responsive transcriptome analysis on bitter gourd. Although there were already a lot of sex-determination reserach in Cucurbits, the GA-response of bitter melon is the opposite of that in melon and cucumber. Since we thought there are different regulatory pathway wirings, we focused on transcription factors and conducted whole-genome MADS-box identification and analysis. Several MADS-box genes were selected for functional analysis through CRISPR approach by the incoming students. Manuscript is under preparation.