IPFS stands for InterPlanetary File System. Every user can have a copy or a portion of the file system making the system resilient. As long as somebody still pins a certain file, the file would not disappear from the system. Due to its decentralized property, IPFS was used to host the website for the Catalan independence referendum of 2017 to make it impossible for the Spain government to shut it down. So it is good for sharing content that is worth spreading, and not good for confidential information.

Pinata and Brave-browser are the 2 easiest ways for you to use IPFS.


For Pinata you don’t need to install anything, just open the link and sign up.

You shall be able to upload files.

Give it a name so that you can identify it later.

After uploading, you will get a long string of characters called CID, which is the fingerprint (hash value) of that file.

Anyone who has an IPFS client can get the file content according to the CID. We can also use the gateway provided by Pinata to query the file.

Right-click the name you just gave to the file and copy the link. That is how people can access the file you just put on IPFS.


Pinata is now giving out 1 ETH (~$4000), use the link below to follow their Twitter to enter the raffle: